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PEBLWEAR is a creative brand by product artist who love outdoor, interior design, and music, which started its activities through crowdfunding on Kickstarter in 2021. We create products that are not only functional, but responsive through design, engineering and technology. Located in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan, we handle everything from development and design to material selection, production, and delivery. And we strive for environmentally friendly products.

Our Mission:
Accelerate the challenges and creativity of active people with minimalist products that enhance the comfort of precious moments.

PEBLWEAR Wearable Remote, received the award from its uniqueness of the idea and implementation to the product.

What’s new

New Product launch on Kickstarter. PEBLWEAR FLAME | Portable Lantern

PEBLWEAR received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 (Press Release)
“Awarded by the uniqueness of the idea and implementation to the product, which realizes intuitive music control, even trough textiles.”

Media coverage on AXIS Design Magazine

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Kickstarter rewards shipment started

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PEBLWEAR | About creator

Yuhei Akatsuka

Career in digital device manufacturer based in Japan from 2002. Experience in product engineering, to product planning, strategy, and new project development. Strength in user interface design and engineering.

Inspired from passed works related to touch interface and sound solution development at SONY, I have started to experiment this original project from 2018, looking for the new possibility of music experience, which is my daily excitement. And now, looking for initial support to launch it as a product.

Personally fell in love with mountain biking and snowboarding, resulted moving from Tokyo to Nagano, where 1997 winter olympic have held. Enjoying stunning nature and activity’s.

Love music, listening 365 days per year. No music, No life.

GOOD DESIGN Award 2022 winner


EPSON / Laser Projector
Product Strategy & Planning
Project Leader / Mechanical Design
Project Leader / Mechanical Design
SII / e-Dictionary
Project Leader / Mechanical Design

Epson EpiqVision Ultra and Mini Solutions

Classrooms with Epson Education Display Solutions

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Designed and Made in Matsumoto,
Nagano, Japan

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