Wearable music remote powered by Tangible Touch Technology | Wireless remote for iPhone and Android, Bluetooth supported smartphones | made for Spotify – Apple Music – Amazon Music

Have you ever stoped for a music that doesn’t match your mood?

What if we can listen to the best track in right volume, in right moment?

PEBLWEAR Wearable Remote, is a wearable music remote for hassle free, safe and easy sound control. Wireless, and even works through pocket, by Tangible Touch Technology.

Swipe. Slide. Hold.
Sound control at fingertips.

Wireless music remote, works through pocket. Three simple gestures, are carefully placed on palm size curved surface, directly responds to your fingertips.

Wearable and works directly, or through your pocket of favorite jeans, workout pants, cycle-wear or backpack.

PEBLWEAR Wearable Remote
Now shipping to USA

PEBLWEAR is built to order product by creator.
Designed and Made in Japan.
Estimated shipment : Delivery will take 5 to 16 days.


PEBLWEAR received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2022 (Press Release)
“Awarded by the uniqueness of the idea and implementation to the product, which realizes intuitive music control, even trough textiles.”


AXIS Design Magazine


Lifehack Magazine @DIME(JP) 


Venture News Media Techable(JP)


Goods Press Media GoodsPress(JP)


“Coolest thing ever on Kickstarter” by Super Backer
Funded on Kickstarter (2021)

Introducing Wearable Remote

Swipe. Slide. Hold. Directly reads your fingertips. Hassle free sound control in active condition.

Tangible Touch technology enables the gestures without looking at your hand.

Wearable, pebble sized remote. Wireless, works directly, and through textiles.

Easy setup, connects to the smartphone wirelessly and thats it.

Comfort comes from reliability. Wireless, low energy, rain, shock and dust resist, long lasting design.

PEBLWEAR App to tailor your experience.

The Comfort | PEBLWEAR Technology

Tangible Touch Technology

PEBLWEAR has placed the same technology as touchscreen on smartphones under the pebble sized curved touch surface. The curved touch surface brings the one and only tangible control at your fingertips. You can feel the gestures by your hand, and through your pocket, so you don’t need to look at [ Patent Pending ]. The size, thickness, curves, material texture, and the sound feedbacks are all precisely engineered for easy and accurate sound control in active occasions.

Patent Pending

Music control

Swipe. Slide. Hold. Directly reads your fingertips, and sends out the sound controls (Skip/Volume/Play&Pause) just after the gesture recognition. The Tangible Touch Technology and high sensitivity sensor enables to control through textiles which is not too thick ( Intelligent algorithm automatically calibrates when touch surface has stable contact to the textile ) . Jeans, workout pants, thin gloves and backpacks are tested.

Wireless, low energy, and long lasting design

Comfort comes from reliability. Connects with industry standard wireless technology. Ultra low energy design realizes the a year of battery life*, and the battery is swappable. Durable and minimal structure realized by 3D printing formed plastic. Water, shock resistant.

App to tailor your experience

The optional PEBLWEAR app, makes the experience much easy and tailored to your needs. Future updates and additional features planned to be provided through the app. iOS and Android.


Touch sensor covers front surface and internal chips highly manages custom built environment adaptive algorithms, delivers touch gestures by direct touch or even touch through textiles. Lets you make hassle free sound control in active condition.

Industrial 3D printing formed nylon case built by minimal structure helps high durability.

Built-in sounder plays comfortable click sounds to help you touch control.

Swappable battery is highly available coin battery (CR2032), and we designed ultra low energy to realize battery life lasts for a year in normal use*.

The Story

I believe in the power of music.
And I believe in the power of natural user interface.

Music makes us move, relax, inspire, and empower.
What if we can listen to the best track in right volume, in the right moment?
Hoping life would be a bit better with a little help of everyday music control, the story about product concept and device development …

Good music keeps us move.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Good music has always empowered my life. And recently the music apps helped expand the music experience in a completely different dimension.

However the problem exists, in many occasions. When you are in your groove, on your ride feeling the air crossing by.

In those good moments, you don’t want to be stoped by anything, taking out the smartphone, or unstable music controls.

And a suitable option to solve the problem, doesn’t exist.

Problem #1 | Hassle

We know the Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music track curation are not always perfect.

And we don’t always grab the phone. Siri doesn’t exactly do what we want. Earbuds remotes has its own language.

Problem #2 | Unsafe

Touch buttons are too small to tap while moving. 

The workout for your health, may lead to accident.
Look ahead !!

Never stop for music.
Sound control at your fingertips.

Built | Earth friendly

Living in the great nature of Nagano, Japan, I care about keeping the earth clean and sustainable while building the product. The production process is designed to ensure proper quantity production with care about where we create, what material we use, and cares about how this product is made. This approach allows to create the product with a care and attention to detail as a craftsman. 

And the entire story comes to your hand, as a very unique product.

Photograph @Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan where PEBLWEAR located

Made in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

The structural components are designed with a focus on minimizing environmental impact. We carefully select production materials with the lowest possible environmental impact. And all exterior parts have zero cosmetic painting and are manufactured by an experienced solution provider in Japan. In addition, HP’s industrial 3D printing solution ensures a high level of material reuse during the manufacturing process.

Our facility is powered by 100% solar energy from assembly to packing, thanks to the sunniest area in Japan. I use my in-house micro-manufacturing process (very close to handcrafting!) for production assembly to ensure reliable care of what we produce. Packed minimally, to reduce any materials used and to reduce logistics impact.

Structure part is also designed to be low environmental impact. We choose HP Jet fusion 3D printing without any cosmetic painting, manufactured by experienced solution provider in Japan, which is hugely earth friendly than commonly used manufacturing process.

Quality parts produced by most experienced industrial 3D printing manufacture SOLIZE.High material reusability by HP industrial 3D printing solution.


*Battery life depends on device settings, environment, usage, and many other factors.

*Testing conducted by PEBLWEAR in May 2022 using preproduction PEBLWEAR with iPhone XR unit and software. Testing consisted of full battery discharge while controlling audio triple times a day until the PEBLWEAR stopped working.

Other devices vs PEBLWEAR

To bring this unique idea to every music lovers daily life, I have asked the worlds most innovative backers and crowdfunding platform to support the launch of this product.

Special Thanks to …
Bringing this niche but empowering experience to the market, and into your hand ! 
Bringing unique music listening experience to every music lovers daily life!

Thanks to your support, PEBLWEAR is now available in wider availability, from peblwear.com

PEBLWEAR Wearable Remote
Now shipping to USA

PEBLWEAR is built to order product by creator.
Designed and Made in Japan.
Estimated shipment : Delivery will take 5 to 16 days.

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