FLAME | Portable Lantern | Light it. Relax. Anywhere.

Light it. Relax. Anywhere.

Portable Lantern

Glow a photo-generated colors with effects. Designed and made in Japan.

2024. July | Estimated Product Shipment
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Ships to USA / UK / EU / Japan

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Just funded on Kickstarter

The project have been successfully funded on Kickstarter.

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The Story

The Idea

There are many useful LED lamps and portable lanterns available in the market, which focus on brightness, battery life, design, and functions. It’s so handy and useful for lighting at camping, and for everyday life. However, some may find that the light colors are too simple and artificial for relaxing in the dark.

Inspired by the stunning nature of Matsumoto, Japan, where the PEBLWEAR studio is located, and using the photographic and computing capabilities of a smartphone, the idea is to create a lantern for better moments with colors, anywhere.

Just like candles and campfires, the colors and movement of the light play a very important role in the way you look at it and the way you feel about it. As an LED lantern, there is room for creativity to make it easier to use in everyday life, whether sleeping or going outdoors.

The Product

The product focuses on using color and effects to create a comfortable atmosphere through lighting. Putting full creativity into designing and engineering the hardware, software, and app.

FLAME can glow with a natural colors generated from photos using a smartphone camera.

In FLAME app, just pick a photo from your smartphone’s camera roll (or just take a picture), and the app will automatically generate colors and effects.

Breathtaking light effects, color blending, and animation effects using our originally made software algorithm and a full-color LED array placed inside the acrylic diffuse lens.

The FLAME app also plan to offer a smart functions such as setting color schedules, sleep timers, and more…

The hardware

The hardware is designed to be the size of a pebble, with a focus on ease of use to ensure comfort in all conditions, from the home to the field.

The hardware is packed into a compact, light-weight, pebble-sized device with a clip and loop. Grab it with you, hang, place, or attach it, or wear it with creativity.

Plug in any USB-C cable to power. Around one-hour to full charge, FLAME can glow for approximately 2 hours in full brightness, and up to a few days when used with the lowest brightness as a night light. The RGB LED array (for color generation) and a white LED array (to add necessary brightness as a lantern) are all packed into one device.

Press clip to on/off, add brightness control


Light source
LED array / RGB + Warm White


One switch in back side (on/off and brightness control)

Supports smartphone / iOS12 or later / Android 9 or later (connects by BLE wireless)

USB-TypeC / Rechargeable

Charge time
around 1 hour ( 0% to 100% ) *

Battery life
Up to few days (min brightness) / 2 hours (max brightness)*

5 x 5 x 2 cm


Case Material
Acrylic lens + Stone finish industrial grade 3D Printed Nylon with hook

Made in
Japan (Matsumoto, Nagano)

Wireless certification

Tested devices
iPhone12 iOS17 , Google Pixel 6a Android 14

* Reference data of lighting warm color in full charged battery, Temp = 20C (May depend on temperature, and condition of use)
Note: The specs are based on a prototype and may change at the time of delivery.
Note: This product is not water proof. Still may have durability for rain and shower, depending on the direction of water.
Note: USB-TypeC cable is not included (Use your favorite cable)
Note:  Color of the LED may not be exactly the same as the picture on the screen due to the difference in technology.

Reference of max brightness ( Full charge / Temp = 20C )


Now testing the prototypes in the field to ensure a flawless product experience before putting it into production engineering, released the product on Kickstarter to gain support in bringing this beautifully designed product to life. The next step is to make the product regularly available at our online store and local retail stores.

Originally designed and engineered hardware and packed into pebble sized product
200 visitors to the PEBLWEAR event booth at FIELD STYLE JAPAN 2023
hands-on experiences at local music festival
Prototype engineered to be a product
Designed to ensure proper quantity production with care about what we create as a craftsman.

About the Creator

PEBLWEAR is an award-winning product brand created by Yuhei Akatsuka, based in Nagano, Japan.

In 2021, the first product on Kickstarter, “PEBLWEAR Wearable Remote” was successfully launched and shipped worldwide. The product was awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award, the top design award in Japan and one of the four greatest design awards in the world, aimed at enriching our lives and society through design. 

As PEBLWEAR, Yuhei Akatsuka, formerly project lead of SONY, strategic product planning lead of Epson, is putting full creativity from the development to communication and distribution of the product.


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