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Basic operations

Youtube walk through guide from setting up to basic controls and tips
Turn on closed caption on to view the whole guide.

Please refer to the startup guide for battery replacement and other details.


You can customize the gesture control, check battery level, and update device FW via PEBLWEAR app. The connection method is a little tricky, but I hope you get used to the method guided on screen.

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Tips & FAQ

How to update device software
Launch PEBLWEAR app > Connect to app (by OFF/ON PEBLWEAR) > Setting > Device function update. Wait until you hear the tick sound and reconnection.

Turn on caption to see guides

Power off / Touch sensor operation time
Normally, you don’t need to turn off PEBLWEAR because the device will manage the power efficiently and automatically. Also, touch function will be automatically turned off after 2 hours from last touch operation for power efficiency and preventing an unintentional touch input. Click the touch surface to re-enable the touch gesture function.

If “PEBLWEAR” does not show in the device list
Close the device list of your smartphone, and reopen to list the device to pair. This operation lets your smartphone rescan the devices.
Press the touch surface of PEBLWEAR for 2 second and release to turn off the device. Click the touch surface again to power on. Then check the connectable device list of smartphone. At power on operation, PEBLWEAR will output the priority connectable mode for 30 second, more easy to be founded by smartphone.
If above procedure does not resolve, please turn off / on the smartphone and try again. This will refresh the smartphone features and may solve many stuck issues.

Doesn’t automatically connect after power on?
Make sure the wireless functions are turned on your smartphone. Check if PEBLWEAR is not connected to other device, and select PEBLWEAR from the smartphones connectable device list. (If PEBLWEAR is not listed, redo the connection setup and device pairing)

When LED blinks fast after touch gesture,
the battery level is very low. The time until auto power off will be shorter, but you can keep use until power off. (We recommend to give PEBLWEAR a new battery in this case.)

If connection is unstable
The pairing information may be broken. Please remove PEBLWEAR from the connected device list, and redo the connection setup/pairing procedure. Also, the connection stability has been improved on latest device FW, please try update via app.

When you feel the touch sensitivity is low
To avoid the unintentional operation, the touch sensitivity is controlled. When you want to operate, but not able to, try to touch the surface by more solid contact. If you still feel hard to operate, try using your thumb. This operation will help if you are using PEBLWEAR through thick textile, which has some distance form finger to touch surface.
When you use with gloves, it is recommended to use a gloves with touch screen support.

When Play/Pause (Hold) function does not respond
If PEBLWEAR feedback by green light and sound when you gesture, your smartphone is receiving the controls. Check PEBLWEAR gestures with Youtube mobile App if you feel the sound control other than volume may not responding with your favorite App.

We observe Play/Pause (Hold) function not responding on smartphone when using specific Android version (10) and Amazon Music. The Amazon Music seems not to respond Play/Pause command from HID device when Amazon Music app screen is showing. Because your smartphone is receiving the command, using Amazon Music in background, or screen OFF can solve the issue. (I will report this issue to Amazon)

Connecting to PC ?
Currently we only support iOS and Android (9 to 12).
It may work on MacOS, but not on Windows. Because the verification is very hard work to support windows, may need to find some time in future.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact by Chat or e-mail to hello[at]peblwear.com (replace [at] to @) .