Stop the screen, play music. Comfortable and responsive wireless audio controller.

Produced by PEBLWEAR
Designed by TENT
Made in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan.

Live on Kickstarter 2024.5.19 (SUN) – 2024.6.23 (SUN)
Reached 100% of project goal within a day!
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Refocus on comfort

You might turn on some music to focus on reading or work, but every time you control the volume or skip the song, you find yourself checking social media and email on the touchscreen. We created a wireless audio controller that gives you control without looking at the screen. 

Responsive control

The volume knob, crafted from machined stainless steel, provides a click feel when turned and a heavy feel when pressed. The pleasure of responsive operation is brought back to modern life.

Easy for anyone

When music is playing from your smartphone, it can be difficult for others in the room to control the volume or pause the music. With TN1 on the table, everyone has access to music.

In any direction

The keys engraved with icons, can be rotated by push and turn. Whether the unit is turned horizontally or vertically, the optimal orientation can be set. 

Long battery life

A single CR2032 coin cell battery, which most grocery stores stock on their shelves, provides approximately six months of operation. To save battery life, the device automatically enters sleep mode when not in use.

Made in Nagano, Japan

“Nagano” is a region in Japan known for its beautiful natural scenery and rich history in manufacturing watches and precision instruments.
PEBLWEAR, located in this area, is founded by an engineer who has worked for SONY and Epson, responsible for all the process of building its own product. The exterior components are manufactured using techniques from Nagano and other regions of Japan. They are then assembled one by one in our own studio.
The industrial design was performed by creative unit TENT, which has awarded by numerous international design awards, including the iF Design Gold Award.
Please visit PEBLWEAR (, or TENT (, for more information.


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